Perhaps it has been your dream to stare from intricate, immobilizing bondage, hypnotically aroused by such gorgeous blue eyes intently focused on your own genitals as a Blonde Goddess moves between your spread legs to concentrate Her sadistic attention on your cock and balls, binding them until purple and throbbing, crushing your testicles in a clear acrylic vise as you beg Her to stop. Maybe it is to see Her blue eyes make sure of Her aim as Her strap-on parts your exquisitely sensitive flesh as it enters you for you much-needed anal training.

Will Her ice-blue eyes fill your consciousness as you struggle mummified in sensory deprivation, your only contact with the world the radiating, stinging pain of Her discipline, the cane strokes traveling toward your exposed intimate areas from so far away? Will you feel latex as a second skin squeezing you from head to toe, except where the Goddess has left you exposed to be paraded around on a leash tightly wound around your balls, your wrists manacled behind your back as you are jeered at and groped by the other Mistresses?

Naked, helpless, and embarrassingly aroused slaves may discover themselves struggling against their bonds from the intolerable sexual teasing of Her slim athletic body and Her delicate, skilful hands. Your erotic yearnings might be heightened as she remains just beyond the reach of any exposed appendages, so near and yet so far… or perhaps In Her dungeon you will simply be bound completely nude and publicly exposed in shamefully embarrassing positions for even more prolonged groping, bondage, discipline and genital inspection.

Foot slaves may attentively worship Mistress Blake’s petite, size 6-7 feet, whether clad in Her striking fetish footwear: stilettos and boots from open-toed platforms and classic pin up styles to heel heights up to the heavens, with the luckiest sending their unworthy tongues along the graceful lines of Her high arches and perfectly pedicured toes.

Those compelled to sissification or in need of forced feminisation will be properly emasculated by the Ice Queen and Her cold blue eyes, turning into frivolous, dainty little girls or glamorously gaudy whorish sluts deserving of strong thrusts from Her strap-on to put them in their place. Slaves who have otherwise displeased Her pitiless blue eyes may find themselves scourged and trained while completely naked, severely disciplined including flogging or ruthless caning, or being compelled to perform shameful duties or humiliating sexual services.

Whatever your wish kink or fetish, no matter how bizarre, unusual, sensual or extreme, the Goddess will grant it with utmost confidentiality in the manner you desire; worry only whether you are strong enough to endure. Mistress Blake’s wickedly sensual imagination and ferocious physical stamina will empower Her to torment your body and soul, leaving you naked, on your knees, begging to come serve Her again.